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From action to arcade, from adventure to personalized games, the variety, sophistication and magnitude of gaming at SVM will make excitement cartwheel as action climaxes in a hundred ways. The company has spent a huge quantum of its time in understanding the gaming market and the needs of the players. In its relentless pursuit to offer the best play zones in the country, SVM has joined hands with leading arcade gaming machine suppliers from across the globe to create excitement spaces beyond compare. Ably supported by expert technical teams at all locations, there’s never a pause during the play!

SVM also has plans to customize games to suit the local markets and partner developers and suppliers in designing varied gaming environments for the delight of the hard-core gamers. In light of that, SVM’s in-house R&D wind is bang on the buck to create exciting concepts and walk-troughs at all times.


SVM offers a plethora of gaming options on varied platforms. From one-on-one match ups to multiplayer tournaments, gamers can lay hands on the latest games to fuel their addiction and enjoy the high-tech game play in areas earmarked for Consoles, WII, LAN, Arcade. SVM also organizes special gaming events to provide young enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to express their vigor and win gifts.

This apart, SVM is equipped with exclusive play pens and kid’s play areas across all locations. Well, little ones cannot be far behind, can they? The game is definitely on at SVM!